Hands-free cursor control - relief for your wrist

TrackHat can fulfill your assisted computing needs.

For carpel tunnel syndrome sufferers, or anyone who cannot use a traditional computer mouse.

TrackHats broad choice of peripherals means that everyone can enjoy using their computer in a way that suits them, at a low cost.

TrackHats open source software can be used with any combination of other controls.

Mouse or keyboard, voice control, push button switches and foot switches. Our software will work alongside any combination of devices for a unique computer experience, designed to allow complete control for the user.

Complete control - accurately customize your environment

Trackhat opentracks powerful mapping tool means that you can accurately adjust how the computer judges your movements. Complete control of Up, down, left and right movement means you can control every aspect of the cursor.

A head tracker for everyone - more choice means more flexibility

Clip or Cap, wired or wireless, all lightweight, low cost, strong and easy to use. Our peripherals will suit every user, whether you prefer to use a headset, near or far from your monitor, fewer cables, or