Trackhat Head tracking

'Very well made, nice and neat build. Delivered promptly. Seller very helpful with setting up tracking.'

'For a start the build quality is excellent, the seller really has done a fantastic job with this modification. I have been using it extensively for almost two months with no issues. It integrates well with my existing TrackIR unit, and works far better than the hat clip that came with it. The translation from head movement for real to game movement seems smoother. The delivery was fast, and the accompanying manual was great. All in all, a great product, and great customer service. A steal at twice the price.'

'It's incredibly well put together. You end up with a very neat, very solid setup whereby the only thing you have to be concerned about is the USB lead coming from the back of the hat. It only needs power, so you can connect it to anything that can provide it with the standard USB power requirements. Very cheap head tracking. Plug it in, it's on. The seller also encloses instructions, plus links to the necessary (free) software. I thoroughly recommend this as a head tracking for gaming setup, its a great TrackIR alternative'

TrackHat clip plus head tracker
war thunder head tracking
flight simulator x head tracking
elite dangerous head tracking
arma 3 head tracking
TrackHat head tracking, the TrackHat plus head tracker
truck simulator head trackig

TrackHat Clip

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TrackHat Clip

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TrackHat head tracker


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TrackHat Plus head tracker
TrackHat Clip head tracker

TrackHat head trackers brings great, low cost head trackers to your favourite games. A fantastic TrackIR alternative, we have the largest range of head trackers out there! There is a head tracker for everyone. Our head tracking peripherals also work with TrackIR sensors.


We are also the only head tracking company to design and develop our own open source head tracker software, so that we can help game designers innovate and integrate head tracking into their games. All of our devices also work with FreeTrack and FaceTrackNoIR!

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What we are proud of:

elite dangerous head tracking

The lowest cost complete head tracking solution.

fsx head tracking.

The largest choice of head trackers.

xplane head tracking.

Global low-cost shipping.

flight simulator head tracking.

The only provider of free, open source software.

trackir alternative.

The first to produce wireless head trackers.

truck simulator head tracking.

More than 25,000 customers around the world.

flight simulator x head tracking.

Integration with 100s of games.

trackir alternative.

compatibility with TrackIR sensors.


Try before you buy 30 day return policy.

edtracker alternative.

...does it get any better?

Returns and refund policy:


TrackHat ltd. warrants all products to be free of material and workmanship defects for a period of 30 days from date of purchase for all electronic components and 90 days for all non-electronic components. If a component is defective or was not correctly made, TrackHat ltd. will, at its sole discretion, repair or replace the item free of charge. This is a non-transferable warranty and does not cover normal wear and tear, or water damage, modifications, or any damages arising as a result of improper use. If your products do develop a fault, and need to be returned. TrackHat Ltd. will pay for return shipping of the items, up to £5.

Return shipping fees will not be covered if the unit is functioning normally, and returned purely due to dissatisfaction with the products. Refunds will be given via PayPal, on the original order transaction.