TrackHat clip Plus

TrackHat clip Plus

The TrackHat clip Plus is here!

The world's first fully wireless head tracking peripheral has arrived, and we are very proud of it.

This excellent Micro-USB rechargeable clip will get an astonishing 10 hour battery life when used with our head tracking camera, or a TrackIR sensor.

We invested in the latest dual nozzle 3D printing technology to perfect this product. As a result, it only weighs 50 grams, but it extremely durable and tough.

the 3 infrared LEDs are bright enough to use in broad daylight, without interfering with your game. It is an excellent TrackIR pro clip alternative as it will work flawlessly with the TrackIR sensor.

It comes with a 1.8 metre USB charging cable, so it can be used while recharging.

2 status LEDs will tell you the charge level, and let you know when your device is on and powered up.

We also include an adhesive velcro pad, so that your clip can be attached to nearly any headphones, on the left, or right side, so as to avoid the microphone boom.

Included in the box:
- 1.8 metre Micro USB charging cable
- Adhesive velcro attachments
- Instruction manual
- safety and warranty notice