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Trackhat head tracking - Microsoft flight simulator 2020, and the year ahead.

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Another great year for TrackHat comes to an end, and with it comes a new decade of head tracking.

We are optimistic about the next few years for our products, now providing the only real open source option for gaming and simulator fans who want an awesome immersive gaming experience at higher resolutions and refresh rates than VR can currently offer!

In the coming year we will be looking to getting head tracking up and running in Microsoft flight simulator

Microsoft flight simulator 2020

2020, either with direct integration, or by making our own custom SDK to allow complete control of your head tracking experience in this amazing upcoming simulator.

We will also be working on increasing our stock levels so that we can ship more of our products to every corner of the globe.

By the way, did you see this awesome map of our most recent 12,000 sales, over the last 3 years? Really amazing stuff!

Very humbling stuff! Its always amazing to see just how far across the world we have enabled flight sim fans to get their head tracking gear.

So, a very merry Christmas from everyone at TrackHat, and cheers to the new year!

- James

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