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Our top 5 games & sims for the TrackHat sensor

The TrackHat sensor is nearly here! Our first pre-orders should be shipping out as early as

next week. Thanks to our amazing software, TrackHat opentrack, hundreds of games are compatible. Here are our top 5.

1: Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

farming simulator head tracking

Microsoft redefined the flight simulator experience recently with FS2020. It brought both a wonderfully simple, but also massively complex twist on flight simulators which have usually been left to only hardcore sim fans. Not anyway! With MSFS2020, anyone can grab the controls and give flying a go! TrackHat support: All 6 axis

2: Farming simulator 22

farming simulator head tracking

Farming simulator has a great grinding experience. The satisfaction of managing your own farm and growing your business in the beautiful rural setting has made this game a classic for those looking for a different kind of simulator experience. There are also thousands of community mods and assets including extra vehicles, equipment, landscapes and interactive elements. Even with just a gamepad and a TrackHat Kit, this game is great. TrackHat support: All 6 axis 3: War Thunder

war thunder head tracking

Our favorite free to play game makes this an essential for anyone with a trackhat setup. From super simple arcade mode to full on simulator battles, this great title has something to offer for everyone. Tanks, and planes from the early 40s all the way up to the modern era are available to use in huge battles against other players in epic online battles.

TrackHat support: All 6 axis

4: Elite Dangerous - Horizons

elite dangerous head tracking

A really special experience for anyone looking for a really immersive experience, and a space simulator that brings new meaning to the word 'atmosphere', Based on the original game 'elite' from 1984, Elite Dangerous has to be the most impressive re-imagining of a gaming title ever. One of the most slick and impressive space ship combat experiences means headtracking is an absolute must to make the most of this game if you want to use high refresh rate and high resolution screens, which you should! Oh, and great headphones as well, as this game probably has the best soundscape going. TrackHat support: All 6 axis 5: DCS world

dcs world head tracking

DCS world is the go to simulator for hardcore flight simulation from the modern era. We're talking cold war soviet jets, full on radar and weapon tracking systems, and all out modern warfare. Not for the faint of heart! Playing a simulator of this depth almost requires head tracking like what a TrackHat kit offers.

TrackHat support: All 6 axis


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