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VR motion sickness. Trackhat is an alternative!

For many PC gaming fans, virtual reality is a great experience, but for some it can cause a very serious case of motion sickness, particularly in flying or driving games and simulators.

TrackHat is an alternative to VR that can give you a similar experience, without the 'screen on face' effect, that makes some VR users feel very ill. Also, it can be used with gaming monitors or TVs that you already have.

The reason for the lack of motion sickness when using trackhat is a faster response time, and a backdrop of your screen to give your eyes a point of reference. Instead of you brain believing the whole world is moving, only the image on the screen in front of you will have an effect of movement, giving you a greater sense of balance.

If you have suffered from motion sickness when trying your favourite game or simulator, try the experience with a TrackHat kit instead, and you will likely find the sickness is gone! However, if you find that it doesn't help, you can return your TrackHat kit for a full refund.


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