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Head tracking

Established 2015

25,000+ Kits Sold​​

TrackHat Head Tracking

In 100+ countries

Head tracking brings a great, immersive experience to your favourite games

Get that amazing 'vr feel' with trackhat head trackers & your own screens and setup. High resolution, High framerate, immersive head tracking awaits. .

we designed all aspects of our head tracking kit, the sensors, the trackers, and the software.

Our complete kits include everything you need to experience immersive head tracking in games and sims.

microsoft flight simulator head tracking

See trackhat in action, click the logo to see footage :

truck simulator head trackig
arma 3 head tracking
elite dangerous head tracking
flight simulator x head tracking
war thunder head tracking

What we are proud of:

 The lowest cost complete

head tracking kit.

 In house designed hardware

 Global low-cost shipping.

 Free, open source software.

 The first wireless head trackers.

truck simulator head tracking.

30,000+ customers around the world.

 Integration with 100s of games.

 Try before you buy 30 day returns.


...does it get any better?
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trackhat head tracking kit
Trackhat head tracking kit
trackhat head tracking kit
trackhat sensor