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Our green commitment:


At TrackHat, we believe that there are necessary changes that need to be made to manufacturing and business operation in order to help preserve the Earths environment, and as a young and growing company, we pledge to be part of the ongoing change needed to maintain it. 
TrackHat is already a 0% waste company. All of our waste is recycled locally. 
All of our non renewable resources are from FSC certified sources. 
We use low energy 3D printers, that operate at comparatively low temperatures, to keep our energy usage immensely low. They also help to heat our small office space, so we use zero energy for heating in winter. 
We will continue to use PLA plastics, which are 100% biodegradable, and fully compostible. 
We use extremely minimal packaging, with no hard plastic shells,

or unnecessary visual material. 
We only use what is needed to protect the product. 

As TrackHat grows, we will continue to honour our commitment, and take any steps necessary to make sure that we never contribute to unnecessary waste.


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