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Welcome to the TrackHat support page!


  • What is the status of my order?
    All order updates are provided by email. You will be notified when your order has shipped.


  • Is the Trackhat/Trackhat Clip compatible with TrackIR?
    Yes, they are both compatible with all models of the TrackIR sensor!


  • Is my favourite game compatible with the TrackHat opentrack software?
    Here is a full list of all games that the software is compatible with.

  • How can I get Trackhat to work with Microsoft FSX Steam Editon? Click this URL for a guide.

  • Can I use my own PS3 eye camera with the Trackhat/Trackhat Clip?
    Yes, but you must remove the Infrared filter from the device. newer PS3 eyes cannot have the infrared filter removed. You also have a high risk of breaking the unit. 


  • TrackHat opentrack is not detecting the points!
    No problem! Open TrackHat opentrack, start head tracking and open the options. Go to the camera tab, select automatic exposure, and the move the theshold slider until all points are detected.


  • When I look left, my head goes right! How do I reverse a view?
    Open the options in TrackHat opentrack, then go to the output tab. Then, tick the 'Invert' box next to the axis that you need changed!

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Video: How to set up mapping in TrackHat opentrack, and customize it for your game.

If you need assistance, please use the live chat button in the lower right hand corner of the screen to contact us.

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