Trackhat opentrack.


Custom made head tracking software, tailor made for the Trackhat and Trackhat clip, with our head tracking camera.


Based on the massively popular, and ever succesful open source and free head tracking software, opentrack, our software has been made by the lead designer of the opentrack team, who has carefully crafted the perfect user experience to match your Trackhat, or Trackhat Clip.


With an easy to use setup, minimalist user interface, and frequently updated software, this really is the first true alternative to TrackIR.


The software is 100% free and completely open source, and works with all Trackhats and Trackhat clips, plus the PS3 eye adapted head tracking camera.


It has the ability to use the FreeTrack protocol, meaning it works with all the same games as TrackIR. 

Custom mapping and profiles means you can craft your user experience to match your gameplay style.


No complicated user setup, no numbers to punch in, just run through the setup and you are good to go.


Compared to the usual distribution of opentrack, our version has had all the non-essentiual user options removed, so its as simple as pressing start, and stop!



Version 1.2 features


Joystick and controller Keybinding


Cleaner, improved UI


Reduced CPU usage


Auto Threshold improved


1.2p4 includes bug fixes from 1.2

1.2p5 includes new clip plus options

V 1.2

Having compatibility issues with the new version?

You can download the previous version below