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TrackHat Sensor V2 manual

Thank you for purchasing the TrackHat sensor V2!

This guide will walk you through the basics of installing the sensor, and getting started with head tracking. Every gaming PC is different, and you will need to fine tune the sensor to your tastes

It will take some effort and time to get it how you like it, please be a little patient!

Click the button below to download
TrackHat Opentrack

. No other software or drivers are required.

Now Install the sensor v2 centrally on your monitor.
Place it on top, or below the monitor, whichever is more level with your head.
If placing the sensor below the monitor, your hands or controls may block line of sight. Consider raising it slightly to avoid this problem.




Try to sit 2-4 ft from the Sensor V2.
Closer than 2ft
(60 cm), tracking will not be possible.
2ft to 4ft
(60cm to 120cm) is the ideal distance.
Sitting from 4-8ft
(120cm to 240cm) will slightly reduce tracking quality.
If you are sitting farther away from the sensor than 4ft
(120 cm)
 select 'exposure preset: Far' in the 'tracker' options.


0-2 ft
0 - 60cm
Too close

2-4 ft


Customize shortcuts for centering your view
Shortcuts can be set to any button on any device. use centering frequently to maintain good orientation. Shortcuts are in the first page of the options menu.

Set mapping to your liking

properly mapping movement to your liking is a long process that will take time to understand and get used to. Different games may also require different mapping. You can make multiple profiles using the 'profile' drop down menu on the home page, and assign these profiles to specific games in the 'game detection' if needed.

Here is a full length guide for setting up head tracking in FS2020
there is a lot of important information that will also apply to other simulators

Remember, it may take some time to get used to, and tune your head tracking experience!
be patient and careful when applying new settings, and enjoy your new sensor.

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