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TrackHat installation manual

Your Trackhat goodies have arrived. Lets you started
Please pay close attention to these steps. The better set up your kit is, the better head tracking will work

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Unbox and fully charge your devices

Make sure all components of your order are ready to be used. If you have 'plus' wireless devices, give them a short while to charge while continuing with the installation.

Download and install TrackHat opentrack

Click the button above to download and install trackhat opentrack to your PC.

Follow the installation prompts. 

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Install and offset the Trackhat sensor
on your monitor

Firstly, connect the TrackHat sensor to A USB port on the back of your PC.

For the TrackHat Clip and Clip Plus, you will need to offset your TrackHat sensor by 10 centimetres either side of the centre of your monitor. This will give you greater room for head tracking. If you have a TrackHat or TrackHat Plus, place the sensor in the centre.

graph (3).png


Install and turn on your head tracker, then aim the sensor vertically, from your
normal seated position.

The sensor must point as close to the centre of the head tracker as possible. 
Open TrackHat opentrack, and make sure the sensor is centred on your head tracker. Make sure you are sat in your normal position for gaming when testing the aim.

Correct setting for Trackhat Clip and Clip plus

Sensor offset wrong

Point sensor up

Correct setting for Trackhat and TrackHat plus

Sensor offset wrong

Point sensor down

graph (4).png


Set hotkeys for head tracking 

Open the options menus of trackhat opentrack, and in the 'shortcut' tab, set custom hotkeys for interacting with TrackHat opentrack. it is highly recommended to set 'center' and 'toggle' hotkeys. Frequent centering will mean you can reset your field of view, for example when you change seating position, or are using a different aircraft or vehicle.

Hotkeys can be mapped to any external device such as a gamepad or joystick.

graph (2).png


Troubleshooting (if required)

Familiarise yourself with common errors that you may find when setting up head tracking, and learn to avoid them. See the images below.


Too much natural light.

the TrackHat sensor is sensitive to natural light. Please use artificial lighting in your tracking environment. You can also lower the exposure in the 'tracker' settings tab.

Point Merging.

the TrackHat sensor is confusing 2 separate points as one. Try and decrease the exposure, and better aim your clip directly toward the sensor.

Points too small.

The points should ideally be 20-30px in size. make sure your device is fully charged, then try increasing the exposure to compensate.

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