To get started with head tracking for gaming, you need 3 simple things, all of which you can get from Trackhat:

Trackhat for freetrack TrackIR TrackIR alternative head tracking

Trackhat or clip

Trackhat for freetrack TrackIR head tracking TrackIR alternative

Compatible tracking camera


Free Tracking software

All of these items are included in our head tracking kits!

The TrackHat or Clip is the only complete head tracking solution, with its own custom software, perfectly made for head tracking


The Trackhat  is the only head tracking device that can be used with speakers, headsets, earbuds, or indeed any audio configuration you like. 


It is simple. Plug and play, with no soldering, assembling or anything of the sort. It just works.


It is a brilliant EDtracker alternative. It costs less, and is broadly compatible with more games, far easier to set up, and doesn't require any technical flashing or installing.

Ideal camera: The PS3 eye, available from this website!


You can buy a ps3 eye camera, with the infrared filter removed, making it ideal for head tracking, from this website! Just check out with a trackhat, and a PS3 eye for a complete cheap head tracking for gaming system!


The best cameras for head tracking will have the ability to run at up to 120 frames per second, allowing for a very smooth and quick head tracking.


Our cameras are modified in-house. We remove the infrared filter from the lens assembly, and fully test each one. 


Trackhat for freetrack TrackIR head tracking TrackIR alternative