The Trackhat is our first product, and where it all began. Since then, it has been updated and turned into a truly fantastic head tracking hat, designed to work with our own custom head tracking camera, or the TrackIR tracking unit.


The Trackhat starts out as an embroided cap, made in the UK, and then has 3 infrared LEDs carefully threaded through the inner lining, hiding all wires.


This makes the Trackhat a truly fantastic TrackIR alternative, and the only headtracking device sold as a head tracking cap.


The Trackhat is complete with 3 infrared LEDS, 2 mounted on the brim of the cap, and one near the top. The circuit is in a tiny 3d printed box, on the back of the cap, and is then powered by a 2 metre long USB cable, which can be powered by a computer, or any other usb power source.


The Trackhat is the only head tracking device on the market that can be used with any combination of speakers or headphones.


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