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"TrackHat is sturdy, reliable and smooth. It works with all tested sims, and is sold at a great price. You are surely making a sweet deal."


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Our latest and greatest wireless head 



The TrackHat clip Plus


The TrackHat clip plus head tracker brings wireless technology to head tracking in PC gaming. Giving you the freedom from cables, while making no sacrifices on quality.



The TrackHat clip Plus is powered by a 1amp battery, giving an astonishing 10+ hours of battery time with each charge.


Rechargeable through any USB port, with a micro USB cable, it is fully charged in just 30 minutes, or it can be charged with the supplied 1.8 metre USB cable while being used.


It is also fully compatible with all TrackIR sensors, making it a great TrackIR pro clip alternative.


It uses the same simple 3 infrared light technology to provide accurate 6 degree of freedom head tracking, without visual interference, drift, lag, or other errors that plague gyroscopic based head trackers.


The TrackHat clip plus can be fitted to either side of any gaming headset, and comes with velcro adhesive straps to easily, and cleanly affix to your headphones.


It is fully compatible with hundreds of games, thanks to Trackhat OpenTrack, our custom head tracking software.



We invested in a brand new 3D printing technology to make sure the TrackHat clip plus is flawlessly strong, and light. It weighs only 50 grams, and has been drop-tested from a height of 10 feet on to a hard surface, with no damage whatsoever.


The TrackHat clip requires no drivers, and zero construction. Just attach it to your headset, and get gaming!


Also, for those of you who  have a TrackIR head tracker, our head tracking peripherals work with the TrackIR 4,TrackIR 5, and TrackIR 6 sensors!

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