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Trackhat Plus


The Trackhat Plus is our latest cap based wireless head tracker.


The Trackhat Plus starts out as an excellent hand made embroided cap, made in the UK, and then has 3 infrared LEDs carefully threaded through the inner lining of the cap, hiding all wires.


These lead to a discrete power pack hidden at the rear of the cap, with a 1Amp battery providing an epic 10 hour battery life, while weighing only 50 grams.


This makes the Trackhat a truly fantastic TrackIR alternative, and the only headtracking device sold as a head tracking cap.






Trackhat Head tracking

Made with incredible new 3D printing technology

The power pack on the back of the cap is a 3D printed housing, made with a new type of dual nozzle 3D printing technology. This makes parts incrdibly strong, and super lightweight.


The TrackHat Plus comes with a 1.8 metre micro USB charging cable, which can be plugged into your computer, or directly into a phone charger. It charges fully in just 30 minutes on a 2amp port, or can be charge while being used, to make sure you never miss out on the action.


The Trackhat Plus is the only wireless head tracking device on the market that can be used with any combination of speakers or headphones.


It is also fully compatible with the TrackIR sensor!


If you're the kind of gamer who likes to use both speakers and headsets, then this really is the product for you.


Also, for those of you who  have a TrackIR head tracker, our head tracking peripherals work with the TrackIR 4,TrackIR 5, and TrackIR 6 sensors!

TrackHat Plus head tracking kit