The TrackHat Sensor

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A brand new, first of its kind head tracking sensor


Serious speed

Thanks to new technology, the Trackhat Sensor can track at speeds of up to 200hz, so no matter how fast your PC is, the Trackhat sensor can keep up! It also makes this the fastest tracker available.

Wide FOV

a 52.5° FOV makes this the

widest angle infrared point

tracker out there, allowing for up close tracking at a desk

or at range in a simulator rig.



Compatible with all trackhat head trackers, new and old. Build your tracking setup around your preferences; wired or wireless, hat or clip.


Seriously small

At 3cm by 2cm at the front, the TrackHat sensor blends quietly into any setup, with a small RGB LED to keep the user updated about tracking activity.

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Micro USB

Use USB cables of any length for your setup

Extra secure

The sensor is only capable of capturing infared light, making it incapable of capturing a regular image if your computer's security is compromised

Place your pre-order for delivery during early 2022