Bringing the price down on our lowest cost head tracker

The TrackHat clip was already the cheapest head tracker on the market. So why did we lower the price to just £19.99? For you! We want to bring head tracking to every budget, and bringing down the cost of the TrackHat clip means you can get a complete head tracking kit, with everything you need for only £32! Not only that, but it also means that TrackIR users looking for a great alternative to the TrackIR pro clip will be able to get gaming again, with even better hardware, at an even lower price. Wait, it gets better! We have some amazing hardware upgrades on the way for the TrackHat clip. Despite the design being more than a year old, we make improvements and changes all the time. Listening

TrackHat on Reddit! Come and join us.

Fairly few people now, but our little corner of Reddit has been up and running for a while now. Come on over and join fellow TrackHatters, and get your questions answered at

Use our new headset compatibility guide to choose the best head tracking kit for you!

Our new headset compatibility guide, compiled from a survey of more than 300 TrackHat users will help you make a clear decision about whether the TrackHat clip, or Clip Plus will work with your headphones, and which side they will need to be on. To go to the guide, just go to the support drop down menu at the top of the page, and click 'Headset guide' Happy Tracking!

2 new head tracking kits in the TrackHat shop!

As of today, we are bringing our first complete kits to the TrackHat shop! These include the TrackHat clip head tracking kit, and the TrackHat clip plus head tracking kit. These great bundles come with absolutely everything you need to start head tracking. Also, we threw in a free camera monitor clip for free! A great trackIR alternative, as this kit is 100% ready from the moment you get it! Full 6dof head tracking in 100s of games, thanks to Trackhat opentrack. Take a look in the TrackHat shop!

The new Trackhat head tracking blog!

In an effort to keep the ever increasing number of TrackHatters up to date, we have slapped the TrackHat blog on the front page! Expect regular posts about new product progress, software updates, and new game tests. Watch this space!


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TrackHat ltd. warrants all products to be free of material and workmanship defects for a period of 30 days from date of purchase for all electronic components and 90 days for all non-electronic components. If a component is defective or was not correctly made, TrackHat ltd. will, at its sole discretion, repair or replace the item free of charge. This is a non-transferable warranty and does not cover normal wear and tear, or water damage, modifications, or any damages arising as a result of improper use. If your products do develop a fault, and need to be returned. TrackHat Ltd. will pay for return shipping of the items, up to £5.

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