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Upgrade from HeadtrackR or SmoothTrack? Sensor V2 is here.

Phone apps like HeadTrackR and SmoothTrack are a great way to find out what the

experience of head tracking is like, and once you know you love it, it's time to get the real experience with the TrackHat sensor V2! Instead of using your phone over a laggy connection without proper illumination, the sensor V2 with it's always ready software and full nighttime infrared illumination will show you how good the head tracking experience can be. And not only that, but the sensor V2 is plug and play; no complicated install, plugging or unplugging, loading 2-3 apps and configuring wifi connections.

The only head tracking solution that can be left in place permanently, and that automatically starts head tracking with your favourite games and sims for a fully automatic head tracking experience. Using your phone for head tracking is like your using your phone as a computer mouse... you're better off with the real thing! Experience the best AI face and head tracking solution, and check out the sensor V2 here:


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