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TrackHat Sensor V2 vs TrackIR

With the creation of the TrackHat sensor V2, outdated infrared point tracking systems like the decade old TrackIR are a relic of the past. The Trackhat sensor V2 uses advanced facial recognition techniques with machine learning to identify markers on your face for real time tracking. IR trackers use infrared points, which need to be worn on the user.

TrackHat prioritizes free open source software, instead of a proprietary system. This means that users can experiment with the software in any way they like, from using it with all of the usual well known titles (Microsoft flight simulator 2020, x-plane, Pepar3d, star citizen, DCS world and hundreds more) to small niche titles that could require joystick input or mouse mapping to accomplish a head tracking experience. The price for face tracking systems like the TrackHat sensor V2 is less than TrackIR, with the TrackHat sensor V2 coming in at only £105/$130/€122. TrackIR starts at more than £200/$250 for older hardware.

The trackhat sensor V2 requires a one time setup, and can then be left on the monitor for good. With TrackIR, you need to mount the TrackIR pro clip to your headset for every single use, and deal with an awkward cable getting in your way. Choose the latest advancement in head tracking for flight simulators and PC games with the TrackHat sensor V2.


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