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Trackhat and Microsoft Flight Simulator: Fully supported!

The day is here and after a few hours of testing, we are very pleased to say that TrackHat is fully supported in Microsoft Flight Simulator with the full 6 degrees of motion and shortcuts working in the sim! Please start head tracking before launching FS2020 and use the freetrack protocol. Its that easy! We're so pleased to be a part of this amazing new generation of home flight simulators that will take desk piloting to an amazing new level. Our personal thanks to Microsoft for including all head tracking manufacturers in their amazing new sim. However, we are also afraid to say the following: the 6+ week queue for TrackHat orders is still in place. Over the next week I will be moving, and our factory floor manager Zena is away all next week. Originally our plan for the FS2020 release (which we have been working on since January) was thrown into catastrophe by the Covid-19 lockdown. Our initial plan of building up a large stock for the release was made impossible, and it is still difficult with 2 members of staff shielding, and 2 more on part-time hours to take care of children.

Sadly for these reasons we anticipate our queue times to remain at least the same for another 3-4 weeks. Despite this we have had amazing support from our new customers who are understanding of our current situation, and are showing amazing patience in getting hold of their head tracking hardware. Thank you all for your patience in these trying times. As soon as we can we will be back in full form, hopefully within 1 month (barring any future issues caused by potential second outbreaks of covid-19). - James


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